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Stephanie M. Drobnick, CPA can help your business along the path from start-up or acquisition through attainment of long-term profitability and sales goals.

If you're managing an existing business, we can begin helping your business at any stop along the road.

Stephanie M. Drobnick, CPA specializes in strategic small business consulting.
She has over 10 years experience working with various industries, from retail stores to service businesses.

Our initial consultations, a $100 value, are of no charge, so that we can determine how your business would benefit from our assistance.

We also offer convenient payment plans, such as our Fixed Price Agreement, which determines your investment in our consultants before any work begins and allows you to determine the timing of your payments based on your business.
Stephanie provides valuable services with the personal attention needed so that the business and their owners are able to achieve their full potential.
Please review the timeline of business consulting services below and call to schedule your no cost initial consultation with Stephanie today!

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